Wood Printing

A Woody Wonder

Wood Prints are loaded with character and are completely unique. In fact, no two prints are alike! The wood’s natural warm tones and grain become part of your image, creating a beautiful effect that lends a subtle vintage feel to your photo. The results are spectacular! Direct Print on MDF and Plywoods of any thickness with Natural Color or White

Knock on Wood

Every Wood Print starts from a perfectly sanded sheet of birch wood. We then print your photo directly onto the surface of the wood with our special UV inks. The inks permeate the first layer of wood ply, making it resistant to scratching and chipping. The result is a smooth matte finish that gives off a genuine wood feel. The beautiful nine-layered hardwood edges are left natural, providing a uniquely artisan look.

Naturally, They’re Made to Last

We only use the finest  wood, which is a certified renewable resource grown specifically to be harvested. That means we are never harming old growth forests. Its light colour and pure grain lines make you wonder if its sole purpose was always to become a SSD Wood Print. The hardwood boards are ½-inch thick and extremely durable. The solid feel is immediately noticed when you hold it in your hands, and you just know it’s a piece of art that’s made to last.