3D Wall Panels

3D Wall Panels are custom made self-design panels with 3D look and feel. 3D Panels are made with MDF, WPC, Wood, Cera board, Etc. There are 200+ Designs available. It can be directly fixed on walls, Tv Units, Headboards, highlighting walls, etc. 

  • Can Be Painted or Polished.
  • Available from 1ft X 1ft – 8ft X 4ft in single Piece.
  • 200+ Designs,
  • long life, and high durability,
  • HD quality.

3D Wall Decor Panels brings your walls to life with modern and eco-friendly.

This contemporary and original design is created by a unique machines. It is a fresh design with rather sharp lines. As a total it forms a repeating pattern which plays with shadow and light.